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The Flat Stanley Collection


19 books for one set

One night, a little boy named Flat Stanley was overwhelmed by a bulletin board. He became a flat person only an inch thick. Since then, Flat Stanley has started his own wonderful life. He got into the crack of the door and turned into a kite flying in the blue sky, helping the police crack an art museum theft and became a little hero. Because of his flat body, he was put in an envelope by the children and sent to all over the world, experiencing many interesting things about children in various countries. This time, Stanley is about to embark on his global adventure! There are a total of 12 stops in this journey. Starting from the United States, he visited various countries and experienced different customs. The ancient and mysterious Egypt, the hometown of ninjas-Japan, the icy Canada, the enthusiastic Mexico, the culturally profound China...he has been to more than these places, let's read together.