SV40 10X42/8X32 Telescope Professional HD Long Range

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1.If you are hiking camping , but can't see the scenery in the distance, this binoculars can help you see the scenery in the distance.
2.also If you like hunting, watching concerts, watching birds, watching animals, watching games, I think this binoculars is essential.
3.Outdoor enthusiast love this binoculars because it is lightweight, easy to carry, high quality, and Clear imaging.
4.This is a high cost of roof binoculars, mining for optical glass lenses and coated with multilayer coating, no color cast is not distorted image, the picture clear and sharp.
5.Mirror body size is moderate, easy to carry.
6.Multi-coated optics & BK-7 prisms: Telescope uses multi-coated optical glass lens, the image does not cast distortion, is bright and clear.
7.Twist-up eyecups effectively eliminate stray light interference, to obtain a more pure imaging.
8.Usage: First use the left eyepiece to emphasize the most clear, then mobilize the right eyepiece focusing ring to the right eyepiece clearest later use only the center focus.

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