Kids Toy 8Types Reusable Magic Water Drawing Mat Sensory Play

SKU: A-86X65CM


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A 86X65CM
B 86X65CM
C 100X70CM
D 100X70CM
E 120X90CM
F 120X90CM
G 150X100CM
H 150X100CM
I 100X80CM
J 120X90CM
K 100X70CM
L 150x100CM
M 74x49cm
N 80x60cm


1. Painted things will naturally disappear, can be repeatedly used, easy to use and carry.
2. Magic water brush, clear water to do painting. Selected high-quality cotton made of pen, high density, good water absorption, smooth painting.
3. Security material. Safety and environmental protection ink, water ink, non-toxic and pollution-free, green and healthy.
4. Big size Water drawing mat to choose,suitable for 2-3 children to paint together.


A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H Type:Water drawing mat (not including luminous pen);
I,J ,K,LType:Luminous Function Water drawing mat (including luminous pen);

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