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【Safe and Durable】
The edge of the card is smooth and flat, and the environmentally friendly paint is used, which is safe for infants and young children to use. The card reader doesn't contain any other widgets and the rounded cut corners of the model are completely safe for children. Made of ABS material, durable and not easy to break.

【Learn and master 224 words】
Equipped with 112 cards, a total of 224 contents. 56 items for animals, 25 items for transportation, 31 items for items, 21 items for food, 18 contents for fruits, 17 contents for vegetables, 16 contents of clothing category, 10 contents of nature category, 9 contents of color category, 8 contents of character category, 8 contents of occupational category, 5 contents of shape category.

【Easy to use and easy to carry】
Simple design, easy to operate, just insert the card into the card reader and it will work. This card reader is small in size, can take it to outdoor or kindergarten, family members can participate in interactive learning with their children, and he can also operate flash cards with classmates.

【Protect childrens eyesight】
As a toddler learning toy, it has no electronic screen design, which can better protect childrens eyesight. Colorful cards and fun interactions allow kids to learn different words in real life, away from their phones and computers.


Enlightenment early education learning English machine design is simple and easy to operate, just insert the card into the card reader to work. Colorful cards, fun interactions and cute sounds allow children to learn different words, keep your children away from the Internet, and protect children's eyesight.

Connection: No need to connect, insert card to play            
Charging: USB charging
Product size: 17.8*96.5*47mm
Suitable for children under 6 years old

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